USB Rechargeable Portable Wireless Juicer

USB Rechargeable Portable Wireless Juicer


Imagine the freedom you will have, of being able to go anywhere and blend your favorite smoothies, shakes, adult drinks, or baby food without the limitations of a clunky regular blender.


Our Portable Juicer serves up big blender power on the go. Our Portable Blender is designed so you can make anything you want, anywhere in the world — from a mountaintop to your kitchen countertop. It’s easy and convenient to use at home, at work, outdoors, at the gym, in the car, at the beach, on vacation, or wherever the day takes you.


Our Portable Wireless Juicer makes smoothie-bar-quality beverages, silky-smooth protein shakes, top-shelf mixed drinks, and creamy frozen lattes, plus milkshakes, slushies, baby food, dips, dressings, sauces, and so much more. The number of recipes you can create is endless.  



Our Portable Juicer is more than a juicer or a blender — it’s a way of life. It helps you live healthier while keeping your energy level sky-high. Make breakfast a breeze, reinvent lunch, fuel your workout, or chill with a frozen margarita, all while saving time and money. 



Breaking the inconvenience of connecting the traditional juicer to the power supply, you can use this generation of juicers anytime, anywhere, with a single charge. A very nice design for those who love juice and also a healthy lifestyle! Freely mix various kinds of fruit & vegetables of your choice. You can quickly blend and mix various fruits, juices, soy milk, milkshakes, rice cereals, and much more.  You can take the juice bottle anywhere, sports, outing, outdoor, or picnic. Enjoy the easy juice time.


Our Portable Juicer delivers incredible power without the jet-engine sound made by clunky kitchen blenders. In fact, the Portable Wireless blender is so quiet, you can use it during late-night office hours or early in the morning without waking up your household.


More than a Portable Juicer, our Portable Blender is a movement to make healthy happen anywhere. We exist to optimize every day, empower mindful living and give you the fuel to feel good.

USB Rechargeable Portable Wireless Juicer Features:

  • [NEW DOUBLE-LAYER NON-SLIP DESIGN] comfortable to hold, good-looking, and practical. The new hollow cup sleeve, snow mountain white cup sleeve on the outer layer, and transparent cup body on the inner layer are both aesthetic and practical, comfortable to hold, and simple sports style to give you a hearty and fresh experience.
  • [PORTABLE] 300mL slim body shape, you can go out in a bag, fresh and refuse to stand still, juicing is not limited to indoors, the body is mini, the size of ordinary water cups, easily put in the bag and carried with you, accompany you to any place.
  • [LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE] You can squeeze 8 cups, take it for a self-driving tour, small body and big energy, equipped with 1500 mAh large-capacity battery, can squeeze 6 to 8 cups with one charge, you can squeeze juice anytime, anywhere. Equipped with a USB charging port, it can be charged by car or power bank, wherever you go.
  • [HIGH-SPEED ROTATION]16000 revolutions per minute, big power, sweet and delicate love between fruits and vegetables, no layering, big energy in the small body, 16000 rotation force per minute, fully cut and stir fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients, and blend them perfectly. Smooth, without layering for a long time.


  • Product name: portable wireless juicer
  • Body material: plastic
  • Function: Juicing
  • Working power: 45W
  • Charging voltage: 5V
  • Working voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging current: 0.6A
  • Product capacity: 300mL
  • Product size: 84*84*1 95mm
  • Power: 200W and below
  • Capacity: 400mL and below 


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Package Included: 

1 Pc x USB Rechargeable Portable Wireless Juicer