Smart Wine Aerator and Dispenser

Smart Wine Aerator and Dispenser

Reduce the astringency of your wine in seconds. You do not have to oxidize and mature your wine in traditional ways and just enjoy its purity, the aroma when it is dispensed into your goblet. It saves your time and effort. Impress your guest by this decanter. It is easier to operate with one button to start and stop; plus, it is equipped with a buggy bag for easy travel, portable red wine accessories. Best gift for wine lovers. You can use a wine aerator pourer for any wine bottle because it has a universal fit that attaches to all wine bottle types. It is also portable and can be easily attached or detached for your convenience.

Smart Wine Aerator and Dispenser Features:

  • Breakthrough the red wine surface to play; more flavor molecules in red wine.
  • Bring more oxygen into contact with red wine.
  • The magnet design makes the tannin in the red wine of the magnet more alcoholic.
  • Long-wavelength of red light, strong penetration of red wine, promote red wine oxidation
  • Simple and practical, elegant and generous; wine lovers and professional sommeliers carry essential wIne, more suitable for home, promotional gifts, and so on.
  • Electric wine dispenser built-in Li-ion battery. One time full charged can meet 100 bottles of 750ml red wine sober. 


  • Easy to use: With just a press of a button, you will have more surface area oxidation and luxuriously flavorful taste.
  • Pair with red and white wines, whiskey, scotch, and bitter beers to enjoy fireworks of flavor
  • Specifications:

    • Dimensions: Height: 16.5CM, Width: 11.5CM, Diameter: 6CM&nbs p;Hose Size: 27.5CM
    • Material: ABS+Food Silicone
    • Battery specifications: lithium battery - 18650, 3.7V, 1800mAh
    • Power: 4W
    • Charging time: 3 - 4 hours full charge
    • Color: Red, Black, White

    Package Included:

    1 Pc Wine Dispenser Pump One-Touch Automatic