Slushy Maker Cooling Cup

Slushy Maker Cooling Cup



Do you love slushies? We all do! But who has the time to make them at home? That’s why we created the Slushy Maker Cooling Cup. It makes it easy for anyone to enjoy a delicious, refreshing slushy whenever they want one. You don’t need any ice or salt – just add water and freeze overnight. Then simply insert your cup into the machine and press start – it will automatically dispense perfectly chilled slushies every time!





And with our special lid, you can take your drink on the go so you can stay refreshed wherever life takes you. No more waiting until summertime to enjoy a cold treat – now there is no limit to when and where you can have a tasty Slurpee in hand!




We know that nothing can beat a delicious, cold slushy on a hot summer day. But making one at home is so much work! You have to freeze the cup overnight, and then wait for it to thaw before you can even start mixing your ingredients together. It’s such a hassle! That’s why we created this Slushy Maker Cooling Cup – so you don’t have to go through all of that trouble anymore. Now, with just 3 simple steps, you can make the perfect slushy in under 5 minutes!





Just fill up our cooling cup with water and ice cubes (or crushed ice), add your favorite fruit juice or syrup flavor, and pop it into your freezer for 2 hours. Then take out the cup and stir until everything has blended perfectly together – voila! Your very own homemade frozen drink is ready in no time at all.





You can make your own delicious, refreshing slushy with the Slushy Maker Cooling Cup. It’s so easy to use – just add water and freeze overnight! The next day, simply remove the inner core from the freezer and place it in your cup. Then pour any beverage of choice into the cup and enjoy a cold treat on a hot day.


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Slushy Cup Features

  • Transform your favorite drinks (such as cola and juice) into refreshing slush in just a few seconds. Just store it in the refrigerator before use (adjust the cup insert to the appropriate temperature). The soft silicone cup allows you to transfer cold air directly into the beverage.
  • The design allows you to easily enjoy a satisfying Slushy. The removable dome cover helps prevent spills, and the reusable spoon allows you to choose whether to lurch or scavenge refreshing food.


  • Product net weight: 330G
  • Product color: Blue Yellow Red Green
  • Product size: Mouth diameter 10.6*20.6cm
  • Color box size: 11*11*21.5cm
  • Product material: Silicone TPU PP
  • Capacity: 400ml


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Package Includes
1 x Slushy Maker Cooling Cup