Portable Glass Boiled Warm Tea Pot Kettle

Portable Glass Boiled Warm Tea Pot Kettle

If you're a committed coffee or tea drinker, electric kettles come with serious perks: they boil water nearly twice as fast as conventional kettles, they have automatic shut-off controls that are a win for safety (and distractible types), and they don't emit a lot of heat. The unit brings water to a rolling boil in a matter of minutes—no need for a slow stovetop or noisy microwave oven. Ideal for any kitchen, the kettle conveniently boils water right on the countertop for use throughout the day—perfect for anything from coffee, tea, or hot cocoa to instant soup or noodles.


Portable Glass Boiled Warm Tea Pot Kettle Features:

  • Function: Boil water, Lingzhi soup, Health soup, Ginseng tea, scented tea, keep warm.
  • After the program is completed, enter the 24-hour automatic insulation state.
  • Timing insulation: can be set 40-95℃


  • Product model: RS-621
  • Power supply voltage: 220V-50Hz
  • Product capacity: 0.6L
  • Product power: 600w
  • Product color: dark green, white
  • Product size: 20*10.5cm

Package Included:

1 Pc Glass Tea Kettle