Multifunction Kitchen Stainless Steel Peeler and Grater

Multifunction Kitchen Stainless Steel Peeler and Grater

You can now peel and grate like a pro with our stainless steel grater! Kitchen lovers and those who love cooking need a good partner especially when it comes to peeling and preparing your vegetables and fruits. With the multifunction stainless steel peeler, this can be done with no worry and it is very easy. Use it to effortlessly peel any type of vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, cucumber, zucchini, and more, and fruits like apple, peach, pear, and more. It features a convenient hanging hole that allows for space-saving storage. It also has a comfortable handle, which makes it safer and easier to use, and helps avoid finger and hand hurt. Not only elegant and stylish but also the best for efficiency, durability, and getting the job done fast.

Multifunction Kitchen Stainless Steel Peeler and Grater Features:

  • RAZOR-SHARP & MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Peeler, slicer, julienne, knifer, is an all-in-one tool. Peeling, slicing, and julienning vegetables have never been so simple. Stainless steel blades easily glide even through the toughest vegetables. One device can be used as a potato peeler, apple peeler, and even an orange peeler!
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE & BUILT TO LAST: Peeler set is built from the best quality stainless steel that won't rust and will last for years to come. A comfortable non-slip handle provides a firm grip even if your hands are wet or oily. Soft coating takes the pressure off your hand, so you won't get tired while peeling.
  • COMPACT & DISHWASHER SAFE: Save space in the kitchen by replacing bulky and hard-to-clean utensils with a single Deiss peeler. It easily fits into any drawer or can be hung using the loop on the handle. To wash the peeler just pass it under running water. It's also dishwasher safe.
  • IMPROVE YOUR COOKING WITH ENDLESS DISH OPPORTUNITIES: Amaze your friends with new, restaurant-like recipes and make your everyday cooking entertaining. Decorating your dishes with delicious-looking garnishes, making zucchini noodles and shredded carrots and shredded carrots, cutting vegetables and fruit for healthy salads, slicing potato fries and cheese, removing skin from the apple or even orange


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Product Weight: Paring Knife:67G; 3-piece suit:110G

Package Included:

Package 1- 1 Pc x Potato Peeler

Package 2-3 Pcs