Long Tail Cat Decorative Coffee Teaspoons

Long Tail Cat Decorative Coffee Teaspoons

Our teaspoons are suitable for ice cream, pudding, cake, and coffee. Great use family parties, birthday parties, and any occasions. You can share your emotion or mood by choosing from its various designs. Add color to your morning or afternoon tea time! Ideal for home and restaurant use. Perfect for cat lovers.

Long Tail Cat Decorative Coffee Teaspoons Features:

  • The overall surface adopts fine polishing craft, is bright as a mirror, easy to clean, and highlights the premium quality.
  • The handle is smooth and fine polished, non-slip and comfortable for grip, easy to operate.
  • Safe and Robust: Food-grade stainless steel. Rust free. Last forever.
  • Perfect for tea, coffee, cappuccinos, espressos, dessert, salad, appetizers.


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: 304Stainless steel.
  • Size:16.2*3.88cm


1. The pattern and text of this product are all engraved by laser, so you don't need to worry about it will fade and affect your health.
2. The product can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


  • This product can not be soaked in high temperature, high acid, and high alkali solution.
  • Do not use hard objects such as steel wire to clean the product, otherwise, the product will be scratched.
  • Do not put utensils in the microwave

Package Included:

10 Pcs x Long Coffee Spoons