Auto Grinding Baby Food Processor

Auto Grinding Baby Food Processor

This is a great solution for making the process of cooking homemade food for your little one fast, simple, and even fun. You can even choose the healthier fruits and vegetables. It saves you money! Our baby food processor automatically steams & blends homemade baby food in 1 easy step. It can blend food into the perfect consistency. You can now skip the jars and pouches and make your own baby food at home and reduce environmental waste, and fewer preservatives. Be creative and experiment with fun food combinations as you like.

Our cooking trendy gadget is practical and easy to use. Ideal for busy cooking moms. Have fun with our gadgets!

Our trendy kitchen gadgets are specially designed for busy moms. 

Auto Grinding Baby Food Processor Features:

  • Function: Juicer, stirring, shaking, ice crushing, mixing
  • Save time and energy, it only takes 20 minutes! High precision and fast preparation. Press the button for convenient and quick chopping/mashing of fruits, nuts, vegetables. The pulse is grounded every 5 seconds. In 3 rounds you will get a delicious soup.
  • Comfortable to use. It doesn't make noise, it just cooks and stores food with one hand.
  • Easy to store and clean. All parts are dishwasher safe.
  • High-quality and safe food materials, the unbreakable design that will help you create health and peace of mind to feed your baby.


  • Plug Type: EU Plug, it applies to Indonesia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and so on
  • Power (W): 300W
  • Voltage (V): 220 V
  • Characteristic: Mixer Ejector Button
  • Structure: Stand / table
  • colour:Green / Pink
  • Material: ABS

Package Included:

1 Pc x Baby Food Maker