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Tips and Tricks for The Perfect Outdoor Barbeque

We all love a good barbeque. And what better way to get the perfect barbeque than on a sunny day in the garden? Whether you're having friends and family over, or simply spending time with your beloved,  you want to make sure it's an enjoyable time for everyone.

By following these simple tips and tricks, you'll be able to prepare everything beforehand so that when guests arrive everything is ready. You'll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your company.

Of course, if anything goes wrong, don't panic! The best thing about barbeques is that if something doesn't quite go to plan - you can simply have another one.


1) Prepare your space

A barbeque indoors is not an option, you need to be in the great outdoors. Take a good look at your garden and decide how much space you're going to need for this event. Find out where obstacles are, measure the length of tables or benches required, size up which trees are big enough to hang fairy lights from. It's important to have everything thought out well in advance because if you're too busy running around serving food or drinks it will take the fun away.


2) Get the basics ready

When it comes to setting up for a barbeque, preparation is key. Set up any tables and chairs that are needed well before guests arrive to avoid having to move things around once the party's underway. Get all of your food and drink basics ready, such as bottled water and soft drinks, before you start cooking anything else. This will allow you to enjoy yourself while staying one step ahead and making sure nothing runs out or goes missing.


3) Prepare the equipment needed  for cooking

Some items such as tongs and barbecue forks may come with your barbeque equipment. However, if these aren't included or you need replacements, it's important to have everything ready before starting cooking. This is useful because once the food has been cooked, people will want to eat sooner rather than later means you'll be running back and forth.

4) Choose your grill wisely

Choosing the right type of grills is essential for a successful barbeque. Gas grills are better for those who want everything cooked perfectly at the same time, whereas char grillers are great if you're aiming for a smoky taste and love the idea of picking up your own cooked meat. Be sure to check how many people you're cooking for before buying charcoal grills, which need careful dividing up when serving several guests at once.


5) Play classic barbeque music

Setting the right mood is just as important as preparing everything else in advance. The best ambient music will bring life to the garden and encourage everyone to have fun. Rock, funk, or soul classics are sure-fire party favorites that people of all ages can enjoy dancing or singing along to.


6) Serve ice-cold drinks

Everybody loves a good barbeque, but it's important not to forget about keeping guests hydrated. If you're not able to lay your hands on ice, simply store bottles of water next to bags of ice in an esky (cooler). With the right amount of ice inside, guests will be able to refill their glasses all afternoon long without having to spend time running towards the kitchen or bar.


7) Have some dishes ready

While you're barbecuing, it's ideal to have some dishes already prepared. Nobody wants to spend time standing in the kitchen cooking while surrounded by partygoers, so prepare a few items beforehand that only need heating up or are best served cold. Fill your esky with pre-prepared salads and dips before arriving at the barbeque, and plan to serve them cold with plenty of cold meat.


Our Top Barbecue Items Must-Have!


  1. BBQ Grilling Basket Stainless Steel Grills


It is a great idea to get this BBQ Grilling Basket Stainless Steel Grills Tool for Cleaning Charcoal Grill. You can place your meat and vegetables on it, and easily grill it over the flame. Best of all, clean-up is a breeze! It is made out of stainless steel, which means it will last for years.

This barbecue tool has multiple uses, and is great for grilling or barbecuing! It can be used to skewer meat or vegetables. With this BBQ Grilling Basket Stainless Steel Grills Tool you are sure to get perfectly grilled food every time!

The stainless steel basket ensures that your food does not get burnt. The basket makes it easy to flip the food over while cooking on a hot grill!

It is ideal for grilling and barbecue cooking. It can be used to hold vegetables or meat so that you can easily turn them over while cooking on a hot grill!


  1. Silicone BBQ Gloves


They are helpful when handling hot items from the oven to the stovetop. It's non-stick too so it won't stick to your pans and pot lids. The silicone is heat-resistant up to 600-degree F so it's perfect for outdoor grilling. It won't melt even when used with hot grills.

It looks like a glove but the mitt itself is heat-proof up to 550-degree F! You can use this while handling your grill without worrying that you would get burned. Made of 100% food-grade silicone, it is BPA-free so you can use this without worrying about putting your health at risk. This glove will not only protect your hands from the heat but also has a non-slip grip that makes handling grills and pots safer.


  1. Barbecue Steam Grill Cleaner


Steam Grill Cleaner can quickly remove barbecue residues(carbonized food) from the steaming grill, which makes it easy to clean. Grilling is a great way to cook food. It imparts a delicious flavor that can’t be matched by other methods. However, grilling can also be difficult to clean. The grease and food particles tend to stick to the grate, making it hard to get them off. Steam Grill Cleaner is compatible with all types of grills. It can remove difficult food particles, so you can get a clean grill surface in seconds.

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