by Eley Johnson January 10, 2022 4 min read

Coffee Essentials for Busy Working Moms

You're busy, I'm busy. We're busy, mommies everywhere are busy - and we need caffeine to help us cope with the never-ending rhythm of our daily lives.

As a busy working mommy blogger, I know that coffee is an essential part of my morning routine. As soon as my eyes open, I find myself reaching for that first cup of home-brewed coffee. I love the way it smells, the way it tastes, and the powerful punch it packs - allowing me to power through my busy schedule without feeling too overwhelmed or stressed out.

Working moms have busy lives that are jam-packed with activity from morning until night. We don't stop until we fall into bed with our busy minds racing with all that we didn't get done.

Caffeine is often the kick busy mommies like me need to make it through the day and do everything on our never-ending "to-do" list

This is not a sponsored post. I wanted to share my knowledge given all the questions I get from mom friends about these items! Below are my recommendations for busy working moms who want to transition into single-serve coffee makers.

I will go over things that you should have in your pantry, supplies to look forward to receiving as a gift, and lastly my favorite items that I purchased on my own.

  1. Electric USB Mug Warmer Coaster

The first benefit of having a electric mug warmer coaster is that you can use it on any type of cup or mug. It doesn't matter what the base material is. As long as there are no metal parts, this machine will work for you.

The mug warmer is absolutely free-standing and will not touch the bottom part of your cup, making sure that your coffee is the way you want it from the first sip to the last

How Does a Mug Warmer Work?

A mug warmer uses electricity, infrared, or halogen light technology to heat up your cup. It then emits a warming plate that heats up your mug or glass of cold beverages. The result is a warm cup that will keep your coffee at optimal temperature. This can be a lifesaver for those who like their coffee hot and strong.

      2. Automatic Self Stirring Magnetic Mug

With an automatic self-stirring mug, busy mommies won't have to worry about the hassle of stirring when they're in a rush. If you think about it from your point of view, just imagine how busy a day is for us busy working moms with all that we do - and then having to stir our coffee, tea, or cocoa manually with a spoon is just an extra hassle.

These self-stirring mugs are designed so busy working mommies won't have to worry about it - they will stir on their own throughout your busy day at work or busy morning running errands or busy afternoon getting everything done. Sometimes we just need the help to keep our busy days from being even busier.

In addition, these mugs have a magnetic power button that you can simply touch with your finger and start stirring - this means busy working mommies won't have to stop what they're doing and grab a spoon every time they want to stir their beverages! With one simple press.


3. French Press Coffee Maker Filter

Busy working mommies can appreciate the fact that busy French press coffee makers make 6-8 cups of coffee at once, which means less time spent making more coffee. Also, they don't take up too much space on kitchen counters or in busy pantries.  

Also, it only need a few minutes to brew a delicious cup of coffee that busy mommies can enjoy - just the right amount of time for busy mommies to tend to other pressing matters before they sit down and savor their morning cup.


4. Mini Espresso Machine Portable

Comes With Removable Water Reservoir for Easy Filling

If you're busy  -always on the go -  you know how frustrating it is to have to stop in the middle of all your errands just so you can fill up a water tank. To avoid this problem, look for units that come with removable tanks so you can fill them up easily while on the go.

This is a great investment for busy working moms because it will allow you to make your favorite coffee drink while going about your busy day. You won't have to stop at a cafe and spend money when you could be spending it with your kids instead!

5. Refillable Coffee Capsules Nespresso

These coffee capsules and busy mamas like me and you by making our busy mornings easier and simpler.

You Can Brew Your Favorite Coffee at the Push of a Button

Busy working mommies have busy lives, so why not make morning coffee brewing even more simple? These capsules allow busy moms to quickly brew their favorite cup of joe with the press of a button!

Since busy working mommy bloggers are busy, these capsules are perfect time saver.

They're Easy to Dispose of and Reuse Over and Over Again

These disposable coffee pods can simply be thrown in the trash when you're through brewing - no cords or messy cleanup!

Those are my top 5 picks coffee makers and drink accessories. I hope this guide has been helpful.

Eley Johnson
Eley Johnson

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